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Arthur Rump

I enjoy listening to podcasts. Where others listen to music with everything they do, I much prefer people talking and learning something along the way. Here's a list of my favorite podcasts, for developers, for techies and some for everyone.

My favorite podcasts

My favorites, Podcasts

For developers

There are a ton of developer podcasts out there, but there are four that I keep listening to:


Subtitled Fresh Air for Developers, Hanselminutes by Scott Hanselman is exactly that. Every week a new 30 minutes episode gets published, in which Scott interviews, developers, other people in the tech industry, or his wife. Sometimes that leads to a great technical discussion, at other times it's more of a lifestyle podcast. Scott asks all the right questions and makes sure his audience is staying with him, by clarifying all acronyms. A very refreshing podcast.

Listen to Hanselminutes: website, feed

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Hosted by Joel Spolsky, the CEO of Stack Overflow, and his team, the Stack Overflow Podcast gives insight into the inner workings of the Stack Overflow company and great interviews with SO employees or developers outside the company, as a part of the Developer Story. With returning segments like Joel's rant, the one-minute tech review (which is rarely 1 minute), discussion of the news, the preparation of a Stack Overflow Constitution (you can vote too!), and games like Start-up or Shut up or Stump Nick Craver, this podcast is an hilarious addition to every developer's podcast library.

Listen to The Stack Overflow Podcast: website, SoundCloud, feed

.NET Rocks

In over 1400 episodes since 2002, thanks to their rapid release schedule of 2, previously 3, one-hour episodes every week, Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell discuss all topics related to development with their guests. Mostly with a focus on .NET and Microsoft technologies, but they'll also keep you up to date on the web front-end, design, cloud architectures, containers and more. Every episode Carl will share something interesting he found on the web in Better No Framework, and a wide variety of technology will get discussed when the guests get asked what they would buy with $5000. A must-listen for every .NET developer.

Listen to .NET Rocks: website, feed

MS Dev Show

Every week Carl Schweitzer and Jason Young discuss everything related to development on the Microsoft stack with their guests. With coverage of the latest technology news and a game for 4-year-olds at the end, the MS Dev Show is a complete podcast to stay up to date with everything happening in the Microsoft development world. For those who prefer to see faces of the people talking, a video version is hosted on Channel 9.

Listen to the MS Dev Show: website, feed

For all geeks

With a great variety of technology and science.

The New Screen Savers

I’m not old enough, nor American enough, to remember The Screen Savers show on the TechTV channel, but I’m still happy that Leo Laporte revived the show on TWiT.tv with The New Screen Savers. Hosted by Leo, other members of the TWiT crew, and guests, this podcast features the latest in science and technology. Technology questions from listeners get answered in the Call for Help segments, and throughout the show, small segments with tips on technology get shown. I recommend watching the show, as it’s more of a TV-show than a podcast, even though it’s distributed that way.

Watch The New Screen Savers: website

Bonus: .NET Rocks Geek Outs

Every once in a while on .NET Rocks Richard and Carl completely geek out and dive deep into a topic, ranging from hypersonic vehicles, to genetically modified foods and from space elevators to the world energy production. Richard does his research exceptionally well and transfers all that knowledge in a fun conversation, which makes .NET Rocks not only recommended for .NET developers, but every other geek too. If you only want to listen to the Geek Outs, there's a special feed linked below.

Listen to .NET Rocks Geek Outs: website, feed

For Windows-fans

With four of my favorite Windows-journalists.

Windows Weekly

With Leo Laporte, one of the best podcast producers, and Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley, two of the best Microsoft-journalists, this podcast has been the podcast to stay up to date with Microsoft for many years. They focus mostly on the consumer side of Microsoft products, but don't be surprised when Mary Jo sneaks in some enterprise news. I usually watch the show live, on TWiT Live.

Listen to Windows Weekly: website, feed

Windows Central Podcast

Windows Central is my go-to site for Windows coverage and I love their podcast. Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden talk about the latest Windows Insider builds and the newest laptop reviews, and of course the occasional scoop about an unreleased Surface or Lumia. You can watch the show live on their Mixer channel and stay around untill the end to ask your questions. But please, don't ask about the Surface Phone.

Listen to the Windows Central Podcast: website, feed

For your weekly dose of satire

Because laughing at the news is the only way to survive in this world.

The Bugle

The Bugle is an audio newspaper for a visual world, in which the British Andy Zaltzman talks with fellow comedians from all over the world (even from the lesser hemisphere, 6.7 billion people can't be wrong) about politics, other world news, and of course cricket. With a forty minutes episode every week, The Bugle gives you all the facts you need to survive in this post-truth world.

Listen to The Bugle: website, feed

For the Dutch-speakinglistening

The Dutch podcast scene isn't that big, but I've found some very good ones.

De Rudi & Freddie Show

Rutger Bregman and Jesse Frederik of the Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent discuss politics, economics, and the workings of the world, in a new episode roughly every other week. They provide genuine insights and suggest improvements that should be made to make the world work better. They can explain the most ridiculous things so everyone understands and sketch a world that you don't see in the news. This is a podcast everyone should listen to, no matter what your interests are. (As long as you understand Dutch.)

Listen to De Rudi & Freddie Show: website, SoundCloud, feed

De stemming van Vullings en Van Weezel

Because the after-election election hype can go on for months in the Netherlands, Joost Vullings and Max van Weezel give their latest thoughts on the elections of March 2017, and with the results in, they comment on the formation of the new administration. Yes, that's still going on, and it isn't done anytime soon either. Highly recommended for those interested in Dutch politics.

Listen to De stemming van Vullings en Van Weezel: website, SoundCloud, feed

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