About me

Being born in the last year of the previous millennium, Arthur has been using computers for about as long as he can remember. It all started with an Acer Veriton FP2 all-in-one running Windows ME. He has used almost every version of Windows since then, except for Vista, and Windows has remained his OS of choice up to today, to the point of even using a Windows phone in 2017.

After some fiddling with GameMaker and Visual Basic, Arthur has been programming in C# since his fourteenth. Up to today, C# remains his favorite programming language, despite various experiments with other languages. Most of his time is spent programming for UWP, even though he enjoys working with ASP.NET Core too.

Other than programming languages, Arthur also speaks Dutch, English and a tiny bit of German. When he’s not programming he enjoys to read fantasy and science fiction, listen to a good podcast, play with his dogs, or write about himself in the third person.

You can reach Arthur on Twitter (@ArthurRump) or hello@arthurrump.com.