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Arthur Rump
A phone showing the Image of the Day app with a picture of a fox in the snow

Image of the Day

The latest background images from Bing

In 2014 I released my first app into what was then called the Windows Phone Store. It shows the latest background images used on Bing, and allows you to save them in multiple different formats, both landscape and portrait orientations. The app was built using the WinRT SDK and localized using the Multilingual App Toolkit.

Built with
  • C#
  • WinRT

Trademark issues

My first app was also the first time I came across trademark infringement. The app was originally called Bing Backgrounds, but after a couple of months in the store I received a Trademark Content Infringement Complaint from the Windows Phone Marketplace Legal Group. I had honestly never thought about that, but in hindsight it was pretty obvious. The app was renamed to Image of the Day the next day.