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Arthur Rump


A tablet showing GitHub with a failed check for releases.json files in my fork of dotnet/core


Working with .NET Core's releases.json files

To display version information about .NET Core on, I had to decode the releases.json files in the dotnet/core repo. Not a big problem, you'd think. These are just JSON files, how hard can it be? That's fair, but the schema, nor the data of these files turned out to be really consistent. To help with this, I created the NetCore.Versions.Checks GitHub app that checks these files on every commit.

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A fully customizable static site generator using the power of FAKE

Fake.StaticGen is a toolkit for generating static websites using FAKE build scripts. It provides a framework for including pages and files and writing those out to disk in the correct folder structure. Fake.StaticGen tries to be very flexible and give you full control of the way you want your site to be organized, while still being helpful in common scenarios. Both this website and are examples of what you can do with Fake.StaticGen.

A tablet showing the website

Bringing clarity to versions of .NET

.NET Core versioning is a mess. There are lots and lots and lots of version numbers, from runtime to SDK, from Visual Studio to languages and of course .NET Standard. So what SDK corresponds to which runtime again? I know there some sort of a system, but it differs per release. I created this website based on information published in the .NET Core repo to give an overview of all the versions of .NET.

A Windows Phone showing the timetable for June 28th 2017

Schoolrooster voor Zermelo

The Windows 10 app for viewing Zermelo school timetables

Schoolrooster voor Zermelo is an app that allows students and teachers to check their timetables on all their Windows 10 devices. The app works with all schools and organizations that use the Zermelo portal technology to manage the timetabling process. The app is built on the Universal Windows Platform with support for both phone and desktop. An older version is also available for Windows Phone 8.1.

A phone showing the Image of the Day app with a picture of a fox in the snow

Image of the Day

The latest background images from Bing

In 2014 I released my first app into what was then called the Windows Phone Store. It shows the latest background images used on Bing, and allows you to save them in multiple different formats, both landscape and portrait orientations. The app was built using the WinRT SDK and localized using the Multilingual App Toolkit.