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Arthur Rump

Atelier: An Online Platform for Programming Tutorials

Poster for CSERC 2020 - with Ansgar Fehnker, Angelika Mader, Margot Rutgers, Lotte Steenmeijer and Chris Witteveen

The aim of the Atelier project is to develop an online platform that creates an atelier-like setting that emphasises collaboration and sharing of ideas. It is built for the Community of Practice of students, student assistants, and lecturers involved in teaching programming in Processing in the first year of the bachelor programme Creative Technology (CreaTe) at the University of Twente. CreaTe is a design programme, with an engineering background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. It extols its own design philosophy, which emphasises autonomous design, creative thinking, multidisciplinary teams, tinkering and reflection. The motivation behind Atelier to help the creation of a Community of Practice where face-to-face tutoring is central. It is consciously not intended to replace face-to-face tutoring.

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